5 italian target areas

LIFE BEEadapt project selected 5 areas considering their context, land uses, location and administrative condition. It was decided to test the project in urban, peri-urban, rural and protected areas in order to define how the relationship between the different levels of urbanization and the size / types of agricultural land affect the presence of pollinators and their role in actions to adapt to climate change. Moreover, protected areas with different levels of nature protection (both national and regional) have been chosen.

Specifically, the target areas that will be involved in the demonstrative actions (T 5.2) and governance actions are:

Toscana ed Emilia-Romagna

Appennino tosco-emiliano National Park


State Natural Reserve “Montagna di Torricchio”


Protected areas in Rome under the management of RomaNatura

Municipality of Aprilia

Agro Pontino (Pontine Plain)

LIFE21-CCA-IT-LIFE BEEadapt/101074591